Why doesn't my comment appear right away?

It's simple. I approve every comment before it publishes.

I know that takes time, and sometimes it's a couple hours before I can check in. But I do stay on top of it.

My reasons are manifold:

1.) I hate word captchas. Detest them with a passion. No one should ever have to deal with them in "my house." So to catch SPAM, I read each proposed comment. I Hate SPAM as much as I hate word captchas.

2.) No trolls allowed. Seriously, this is a Troll-Free zone. Any comment made needs to meet certain criteria, namely that it's at least civil in nature.

I believe in the First Amendment. But your "right to Free Speech" ends where courtesy and respect end. As a guest in "My House," I expect civil discourse in all matters. Feel free to disagree, but do it politely and with thoughtful debate, not with screaming and name-calling.

I post regularly about my New Civility Movement. I'd be one helluva hypocrite if I allowed vitriol between counterpoints here.

So please understand. Your comment will be posted as long as it meets my minimum requirements. But I will verify it first, personally. You have my promise.

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