Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Pinnacle: What if…? Part One

So what would it look like if the Pinnacle were real? How would they operate?

First, for beginners, The Pinnacle is the name of my group of bad guys. Their aim is simple, although clichéd: World domination. How they differ from the Bond villains or Dr. Evil and his screaming hordes is this: The Pinnacle could do it, and no one would ever know. Their goal is not to rule openly, but as the power behind the throne. Thus, the true leadership stays invisible. On the surface, all looks as though nothing has changed. Their motto, after all, is Praestat facere rex ac esse rex. “It is better to make a king than to be a king.”

Think of it this way: In the United States as in other countries, we have elections, and if we don’t like a certain official, we vote them out of office. It’s that simple. Other nations have dictatorships or monarchies of some nature. Rebellion, coup or assassination is usually what changes leadership in these areas. At any rate, it’s common for a country’s leader to lose his position, if not his life at the hands of a dissatisfied populace.

But what if a group could remain anonymous, behind the scenes as it were, and load elections with their own candidates? They could load the process with their own puppets, and we would never know. So either way, the shadow group is guaranteed their real goal, which is power. We’ll discuss this more in-depth in later installments. But the point is, it can be done. What if it already is being done? Would we know the warning signs?

One would have to understand the plan would take years and perhaps decades to fulfill. The founders would realize that they may never live to see the final realization of their dream. But how many movements today have the same far-sighted vision? Certainly, the Communist movement, the Socialists, Greenpeace and PETA, among others. It takes patience to subjugate the world and make them like it.

Look at the constrictor order of snakes. They lie in wait, for days if need be, for their prey to wander within striking range. Even after they attack, the process is often slow. They take their time. Wrapping their coils about the victim is only the first step. They don’t simply crush the life from their prey by brute force. No, they wait until the victim exhales, and then with each breath they tighten, ever so slightly. This prevents the victim from being able to inhale. Slowly, they suffocate, and the snake has all the time it needs to consume its meal.

The Pinnacle has been working behind the scenes, hiding in the brush, waiting for the moment to strike. It has been inserting converts into the areas of business, entertainment, news media, shipping, technology, and the oil industry. Once they have leadership of these industries, the strangulation begins.

Other teams will infiltrate social movements and political parties. Thus, the attack will be a three-pronged assault aimed at dulling the public’s senses to what’s really happening: Economic, social, and political.

We’ll discuss these areas beginning next week. Feel free to comment as we go along.

“What’s one more little white lie?”

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  1. Okay, Cyrus, I'll step up to the bat...or is that to the plate? Whatever. I imagine through the ages shadow groups have existed...perhaps even one, two, twenty-three as we speak. Would we notice? Some of the more paranoid might take a closer look; the remaining cattle not so much. But what I'm particularly curious about is your lumping Communism and Socialism together with Greenpeace and PETA. I am a hard-working animal activist and a vegetarian, so, needless to say, that came as a bit of a shocker. It was explained to me back in the day when I commented on the difference in highway littering years ago...drink a Coke, toss the can out the window...and our relatively litter- free highways today that there is such a thing as "good propaganda." Although I haven't followed Greenpeace since their anti-commercial whaling days, I wouldn't compare concern for the environment and sentient creatures to political ideologies. And no one could accuse loudmouth PETA of being a shadow group!

    Joelle Walker

  2. Joelle, I'm not trying to lump any groups together with the "shadow group" label. What I'll attempt to show in future posts is the possibility that activist groups such as PETA and Greenpeace can be co-opted from within by crisis-mongers who feed false facts and stereotypes into willing ears in order to manipulate the group into buying into a hidden agenda from a different angle. I am certainkly not suggesting that Greenpeace is actively and knowingly taking part in any takeover scheme. If you can hang in there just a little, there will be plenty of room for discussion in later posts.

    1. Certainly, I'll "hang in there," Cy. My comment would have been totally different had you used for example, say, the Teamsters and NOW. =)

      Joelle Walker

    2. LOL, If I'd chosen those two, someone else would have asked the same questions.

  3. This is a copy of Rochelle Weber's comment (posted against last week's blog. :-D ) "I sometimes wonder if we don't have a Pinnacle-type organization pulling the strings. Who pays for our politicians' campaigns? Who are the lobbyists that push bills through Congress? Where are the real checks and balances that are supposed to be built into our system? Long gone. But most important--when is your third book coming out? ;-) "

  4. Rochelle, perfectly good points to make. To answer the last question, "Critical Mass" is in the acquisitions team's hands right now.

    We'll cover the lobbyists' and others' roles in this whole mess in later posts.