Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Pinnacle: Recap

Hey, guys. 

Thanks again to Susan A. Royal, and congratulations on her new release, highlighted in last week’s post.

Let’s take a last dip in the Conspiracy Pool for now, just to recap: If you want to take over the world, 
  1. Keep your real agenda secret. This is, of course, the no-brainer. Anyone with half a brain cell would squash you like a bug if they knew what you were actually about. 
  2.  Divide your attack. The more fronts you can manage, the better chances you have of concealing your agenda until after it’s too late to stop you. 
  3.  Never let a crisis go unexploited. The more chaos you can unleash, the more distracted your enemies will be, chasing shadows while you work behind the scene.
  4. Place your moles carefully. Use the environmental movement, the social reform movement, and world legislatures to redefine globalization and glorify the “world village” paradigm. 
  5. Create regional currencies that will one day merge into a central monetary system. Manipulate availability of resources through litigation and activist organizations to force cooperation between nations. 
  6.  Shame your opponents into silence. Use Character assassination. Destroy anyone who dares to speak against you or any of your stooges. Vilify them in the press. The charges don’t have to be true; simply repeat them until the public believes they are. 
  7.  Use the press as a willing though unwitting dog of war. The best propaganda is so subtle it isn’t picked up until it’s too late. This goes hand in hand with #6. 
  8.  Anyone who refuses to shut up must be eliminated. Let the buzz die down (see #6) and then use your enforcement teams to remove them. 
  9.  Keep moving your moles up through the political ranks. Use whatever propaganda, lies, and deceit you can to get them in places of power, so they may be your visible hands. 
  10. Remain invisible. If the public rises against your agenda, they will only revolt against your puppet. Simply plant another mole in the resistance, and move him up to a leadership role. “Meet the new Boss, same as the old boss.” —Roger Daltry.
So there you go. Granted, you’ll have to start with about 5 billion dollars or so. But the trick is to keep your left hand from knowing what your right hand is doing. Your environmental crews should never know what your social teams are doing. Neither should be aware of what you’re cooking in the legislature. Invisibility and determination are your watchwords.
In Orwell’s chilling novel Animal Farm, the pigs insidiously changed the laws on the barn to exempt themselves from the same laws they passed for the other animals. Notice that none of this was done in the open. Rats of any type skulk around in the shadows, waiting for the opportune time to dash out and seize yet one more hunk of meat from the prey. They don’t openly compete with the dogs. But they still find ways to get their fill.

The conspiracy of The Pinnacle is fictional. But I want everyone who reads this to understand that the concept isn’t as farfetched as one might believe. There can only be so many safeguards in place against such a plot. To strangle this python once and for all, would require a tyranny that would make Big Brother look like anarchy.

But it could happen, couldn’t it? Would you know what to look for?

Just saying.

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