Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Man Behind The Curtain

Hi, folks.

I’ve been pretty quiet lately. I’d love to say it was from being super busy, which would be true, but that wouldn’t be the whole truth. I could throw in a medical consideration or two, but compared to some other folks, I’m pretty healthy.

No, fact of the matter is, I’ve been quiet because I’m in the middle of a meltdown of sorts. It seems to be common among writers, though I never noticed it until I began meeting more writers. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, look at what we do. We have voices in our heads having conversations with each other, and sometimes they include us as well. And if that still sounds like a nice stable, sane person, we make those people miserable for the sake of entertainment. Sure, sometimes there’s a lesson to be learned or a deep concept to explore. But most of the time we really come across as sociopathic schizophrenics.

My real struggle is with depression of sorts. It used to be a whole lot worse. Believe me, I was a walking train wreck at one time. It turns out I could name several prominent figures associated with literature who had “instabilities” of a similar nature. Kate Greenaway, one of history’s greatest children’s book writers and illustrators, struggled with dark times as well. Just look at her children. They may be playing Maypole and Hopscotch, but they’re miserable little tykes, reflections of her own struggles. Beatrix Potter was another fellow depressive. Edgar Allen Poe, and a host of my own contemporaries all seem to have us in company.

So am I comparing myself to Greenaway, Potter or Poe? Oh my, no. I bring them up I guess in wondering why most writers I know also want to sometimes hide safely behind our work and withdraw from the world. To be honest, I spend more time crying than I need to, and sometimes I just want to curl up in a corner and disappear. I don’t like Twitter, Facebook, or blogging. I’d rather just be invisible, and let my work talk for me.

Am I complaining? I don’t think so. I’m just letting you all know why I get quiet once in a while. I think those of you who are writers can understand. Those who aren’t, now you know. Oh, I’ll keep hanging in there. But sometimes a guy just has to take a breather.


  1. I hear you & agree 100%, Mr. Keith. Do you have someone to talk to when you get like that? It helps sometimes, I know. Then again, when it gets you in its best stranglehold, there seems to be nothing that CAN be done. For something that is REALLY fun, try combining that feeling one day with the next almost literally bouncing off the walls with a huge grin. Yeah.

  2. Well, I'm pretty much in the same boat. My life is in a sort of meltdown phase, right now. I'm unemployed, my family life's falling apart, and other horribly depressing stuff I'd rather not mention.

    I'm also working on 4 novels. I try to write everyday despite how terrible and depressing and messed up life seems. I guess what I'm trying to say is, being a writer is rewarding sometimes just like life.

    There are good times and there are times that can be bottom of the barrel low. I deal with the low points by looking up. Life never stays so low. Things get better. :)

    God bless~

  3. Thanks, guys. *group hug* And yeah, I have a very good support group, between my family, friends and my God. We get through it together.

    And now, for something completely different...