Sunday, October 21, 2012

Propaganda 101: A further discussion

Okay, we've briefly discussed the dirty tricks played on us by the propaganda machine. That's especially important when one realizes a critical election is just around the corner.

Hopefully, we've also seen the dirty tricks pulled by various media outlets over the years to steer their own agendas or candidates to successful positions.

On Gun Control (Big issue for both sides): How much of the propaganda machine allows stories about homeowners or business owners who successfully and properly used their weapons in defense of their lives or property? Seriously, ask yourself when the last story of such a type was broadcast, or printed. Oh, but that's not news, they say. The more sensational story is the man who lost his head and shot an unarmed boy (An unarmed man can still pose a threat to life. Just ask Chuck Norris or Jackie Chan). Hm. I thoiught the press was supposed to be unbiased and balanced.

Abortion: When was the last time you heard any positive coverage of a person who stood for the concept of like at conception? What news story can you point to where they weren't branded as "anti-choice" as opposed to "Pro-life?" (Remember those sticky "Anti" and "Pro" labels?)

Taxes: "Their Fair Share" seems to be the battle cry of a certain party. It's been taken up en masse by newspapers, television and radio outlets all over the country. Let's look at the truth behind that. Look at your 1040 form from last year. The last two years. The last three years. Look at Block 2, Federal Income Tax Withheld. Now, look at the amount of your refund. If the amount of your refund was equal to or greater than the amount of federal income tax withheld, guess how much income tax you paid? Quite a few of you would find out the government actually paid you, after your deductions and credits.

Even if Mitt Romney paid only 14% of his income in taxes (admitted by everyone on TV, mind you), and that still amounted to some several millions of dollars, how many of you can say you paid 14%? How many paid even One Million dollars?

The National TaxPayer's Union obtained this information from the IRS for 2009:

Percentiles Ranked by AGI
AGI Threshold on Percentiles
Percentage of Federal Personal Income Tax Paid
Top 1%
Top 5%
Top 10%
Top 25%
Top 50%
Bottom 50%
Note: AGI is Adjusted Gross Income
Source: Internal Revenue Service

 I apologize for not having more recent data. But rest assured, the current administration fought for higher rates for those top earners. What then is really "Their Fair Share?" Seems to me the higher earners are paying much more than a fair share. Who dictates who "has earned enough, and must now share their good fortune?"

 Job Creation: Now, if I may ask: Who of you has ever been hired by a poor man? A poor man can create a job for him,self, if he applies his efforts and talents to make his life better for him and his family. For instance, taking a second job as a writer, or a weekend musician. Buying and selling on eBay. But I've never been hired by a poor man. And  government can only create government jobs.

It seems to me our government has a lot of things screwed up, and they have been using their pawns in the media to drag us along by our noses, to create the emotional response that most favors transferring more and more of our liberty to the government. We expect them to house us, to feed us, to clothe us through their many assistance programs, all the while expecting "The rich" to pay for it all. Then, after "the rich" have been bled dry, we only are left with a country of poor people.

Is that what you really want?

I will be so bold as to make a prediction this year: If Barack Obama loses the election, there will be demands for recounts, just like the 2000 elections. Hanging chads and pregnant chads are no longer the issue. But there will be debates about who is too stupid to know how to draw a line between points of an arrow. There will demonstrations, and I predict there will be accusations of voter fraud and intimidation. Ultimately, there will be a lawsuit. For a new demon has crept from the filthy corners of Pandora's Box. And we are now powerless to prevent it being turned loose once more.

Now, all the questions I've asked above are honest questions. Answer them for yourself, and don't let your current stance on any issue blind you to facts. You don't have to agree with me. But if you do disagree, make a substantive and supported point, and please leave the hate speech at home. Comments posted by Anonymous or Unknown will be deleted without review. If you want to take me to task, do it like a human and stand up. If I'm wrong, facts will prove me so.

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