Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cy's Political Vocabulary

Hi, folks. This week, let's just look at some more of the dirty tricks our politicians pull on us to steal our faith and votes.

First off, let me state that there is a difference between a statesman and a politician. No matter what side of the aisle you stand, history has shown us statesmen who stood above polls and public opinion, and made the unpopular decisions that had to be made for the best of the Republic. It seems , however, that men like Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagen are no more. We're being led by men and women whose sole desire is to be elected for one more term no matter what they have to promise, and look where that has gotten us.

It used to be that candidates told us what they wanted to do in the office. Now they all just seem to want to scare us away from the other guy. Here's a few of the terms that get thrown around, and their real definitions:

Special Interests: A phantom that needs no definition. The Boogeyman. Originally refers to a term to define a group that sends a lobbyist to represent the views of a minority for the puroposes of pushing through some pet legislation. Now, it means anyone the candidate wants to demonize.

The 1%: People who deserve to have their money taken from them and given to "those less fortunate." In reality, of course, it just goes to the bureaucrats who run the program.

The 99%: A term employed to make the rest of us feel like we're entitled to take from the 1%, only because there's more of us than there are of them. Actually, we don't get a penny. The money gets thrown into a bottomless pit of committees, clerks and bureaucrats who run the program. In other words, it's a scam job.

Their Fair Share: Another excuse to raise taxes. One more lie to convince us that, somehow, we will be exempt when the rates go up.

Kennedy: Cut taxes to create jobs. Whenever anyone tries to use Kennedy as an example of cutting taxes to create jobs, the other side is obliged to scream, "You're not Kennedy!" It must be specifically forgotten that his approval rating had dropped into the 30-40% range, hence the reason he went to Dallas to begin with.

Tax Breaks For The Rich: A convenient label to hang onto any legislation that favors business owners and other job creators.

Created or Saved Job: Cheap and easy claim. Totally unprovable. If you want brownie points, just say you've created XX number of jobs, and even better (though more vague), saved XX number of jobs. No one can disprove you or show any numbers to undermine the claim. How can they prove you didn't? Just say you did, and you look like a saint.

Independent: Slanted in the candidates favor.

Poll: We asked a bunch of people who agreed with us, and they said we're right.

How one chooses one's words is essential in flavoring the lie, after all. Now, we've got an election this Tuesday. Open your eyes already, and vote what you believe, not what they tell you to believe. Sort through the mud and get your answers. As a country, we have precious little time left in which to turn the tide. Make your vote count. Just vote.


  1. Agree.
    With all the rhetoric I've seen on Twitter and Facebook lately, it all comes down to putting your vote where your mouth is.
    Vote, everyone. It's your hard-won right, your civic responsibility.
    Vote. Be heard.
    Thanks, Cyrus!

  2. Your words resonate truth, and that is something no longer valued. I do not understand why you can be fired if you lie on your applicatiopn to get that job, but politicians, elected to the highest positions lie as an accepted part of GETTING the job. If we fire the average Joe for dishonesty shouldn't we also have penalites for those running our Country?

    Thank you for your wise words and rational presentation of them.

  3. You ladies make some excellent points. There's a lot of folks over there who should be fired. So why do we not have term limits for federal offices?

  4. Oh, sagacious Cy , 'tis true... With eyes wide open, here's to a hopeful Tuesday!


  5. We could create our own term limits, this Tuesday...