Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why Am I Here?

Good day to you, fellow Castaways. Thanks for popping by. Sit yourselves on the sofa, grab a cup of coffee from the cart, swipe a pastry or two (you know you want to).

This past week I was sitting here thinking, great. I have a blog. Everyone tells me if I have a blog, I need to have a focus, a consistent theme of some sort. Recently, I was taken to task by someone who said, "Aren't you here to sell books? Sell books, and stop scaring away readers!" Okay, so here I am being Mr. Friendly Author. If you want to buy my book, you can click on my Books Page and take it from there.

Okay, that's done. Hey, I'd love to sell books. But if all I'm here to do is market my novels, don't you think people will get tired of coming here week after week and getting commercials? I don't watch TV for the ads, guys, and I don't have ads on my blog for a reason. There's enough ads out there.


I want a place where anybody can stop by, relax, and have a chat with a friend. We don't always have to agree on a point, or on the subject. We're just here to get to know each other a little better, to come away a little Closer To The Heart, as the song goes.


I don't expect everybody to agree with me. I'm an odd sort, and if anyone did agree with me on everything, I'd consider that a red flag. We're all who we are, and no one should ever endeavor to be "just like" anybody else. Humans are all different. And that's a glorious and precious thing.

Plus, it occurs to me, we all need a place to come where we are appreciated and loved right where we are. There's enough going on around us to tear us down, tell us we aren't "good enough," point out our every mistake. There's more than enough folks who think the only way to elevate themselves is to lower everyone else around them. Don't we just want to get a break from all the crap the day hands us? Don't we all just need a hug once in a while? Seriously, I know I'm sounding like a bleeding heart wimp, but think about it: One solid hug a day (more, as required) simply tells us that we are of value to someone. Who the hell wants to fight after receiving a hug from someone they value?


The great thing about a hug is that it's just there.  In abundance. An inexhaustible supply of simple, human love. You can just never run out of them. For every hurting person, for every broken heart, for every lonely, tortured soul, there is a hug. And you can get one right here.

So I guess the theme for my blog is, "Here's me. Come on in and get to know me. While you're here, get a free hug."

We might discuss some political point, or some point of faith. Or share something from my writing, or another author, or the Queen of Persia. But if we differ, we can do it in a safe place, where we honor and respect each other, and show where our hearts are, rather than screaming and fighting.

Hey, it's my blog. I can do what I want, right?

Have another cup. It's good stuff. Trust me.


  1. I agree about everything. I've decided my blog is to let my readers get to know me, what I'm interested in. They are free to agree or not.

  2. I agree with everything you've said. Enjoyed the coffee, here's a hug, and write whatever you want on your blog. The only thing that will happen is readers will get to know you as a person -- which might well impel them to purchase a book. Becoming Nadia is on my Kindle.

  3. As always dear Bro, you say what the rest of us are thinking, and do it so eloquently....I DO love the picture of you holding BECOMING NADIA. You KNOW I'm gonna swipe it to ad to my collection, right? In case you didn't know my walls are covered with three things, copies of my and Kat's covers, cards sent to us last year at Christmas, and pics of the people we love. (Yep, your pic is up there where I can glance up when I'm on the computer and have a reason to smile...thank you for that, BTW) as soon as I get some color ink for my printer, this one will go up there too. :>)

  4. Thanks, Rhobin and Lin! I feel like I stumble over some concepts, but I try to make my points as clear as possible. Though, maybe sometimes, I do need to shut up, LOL.

  5. I love your message and I agree with you. Unfortunately, many people out there are not as open-minded as you.