Saturday, January 4, 2014

Book Review: Tower of Sarah

Good day, Castaways.

Light the campfire, grab your flashlights and hold them under your chins It's that time.

Yes, this week, I'm doing my first... Book Review! (insert duh-duh-du-u-u-u-uh! music here)

I will say I don't normally read horror, though I do have quite some respect for H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King. The two works I do have in my library are King's

The Eyes of the Dragon

and William Cornwell's

The Bone Lord.

I highly recommend them both.

Add to them another one.

Ben Eden was a fellow EPIC winner I met at EPICon 2012. Like I said, I don't normally read horror, but I do make exceptions, and I'm glad I made this one.

Sarah Bridges finds herself in a rather odd place, with no idea how she got there. She just opens her eyes one morning and there she is, on the roof of a massive tower in the middle of... somewhere.

Hundreds of miles away from the place Sarah once called home, Eddie Conroy is trying to put his life back together after the horrible accident that killed his young wife and left their son alive, but... changed.

What they have in common and how they come to cross paths is one of those stories so full of spoilers I hesitate to say anything more for fear of giving something away.

I love stories with twists, and Ben Eden certainly threw a fair share into this book of evil, good, and the persistence of a father who'll go anywhere to get his only son back from the clutches of a force worse than death.

I can guarantee you won't see the twist truck coming. It'll hit you full force and carry you down the highway a good couple miles. Ben knows how to weave a story that will keep you guessing, even after you see the evil present itself, and that tower? Well, that's another surprise that jumps up and bites you right in the nose.

Overall, a nicely balanced ride that makes for a highly pleasurable read.

Let's see, we need to have some equivalent to a star rating, don't we? Well, because I love to be different I'll have to come up with something unique. Until then, I'll give Tower of Sarah  four out of five... somethings.

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