Sunday, March 30, 2014


Greetings, fellow Castaways.

This week, I want to open with an announcement:

Beginning now, I'm offering merchandise for sale. I'll be setting the page up shortly. I'm starting with this:

This is a 4" round sticker on standard paper, suitable for attaching to whatever turns you on, and is available for $2.00 each. email me at and I'll tell you how to order yours.

Oh, and I want to let you all know it was printed through my friends at Streamline Design:

I'm contemplating the tee shirt idea, but I'm going to have to see a significant demand before I invest in inventory. For now, we'll keep the stickers available. If anyone has other ideas, I'm open to suggestions.

This week is also a quick reminder that my third novel Critical Mass is coming out in paperback this year. I don't have a release date yet, but as soon as I know anything, I will pass that on to you. As before, all my books are available in all electronic formats as well. Click on any of the buy links on the My Books page to find out more. (If you're reading my blog, and haven't read any of my books yet, I'd like to ask why not? I think you'll like them ;-) )

I'm still at work on my latest Work In Progress, and my plan is for it to go to a different publisher. Here's why: I'm perfectly happy with my current publisher, MuseItUp Publishing, headed by the industry's most indestructible powerhouse Lea Schizas. All my NADIA Project books will be submitted to MuseItUp, and I'm proud to do so. But I'm following Lea's own advice about putting all my eggs in one basket, and for my current WIP, I'm going to market it back around some other houses.

So it's going to be back to the Round Robin of submissions and rejections, with one major exception: This time, I have several previous publishing credits, including an industry-sanctioned award. I guess in some ways, I'm not looking forward to the mill, but I have the previous experience to draw on, and the tough skin I've developed to get me through it again.

We'll just see how things go. I want to get done with Tempus Fugitive and have it ready for submission by the end of the year.

Feel free to nag me.

I'll see you all next week.

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