Saturday, February 9, 2013

Critical Mass is now live!!!

Great big cool announcement alert!

My third novel and the final chapter of The NADIA Project is now available. I know a lot of you folks are already familiar with the whole story behind Nadia and Jon (Will they or won't they?), but some aren't so please indulge me while I tout the latest.

Book One, Becoming NADIA, opens the saga with the question, "What makes a being, a person?"

Book Two, Unalive,  carries forward and expands the question of what constitutes Life, and digs deeper into the story of Jenna Paine.


Now, with Book Three, Critical Mass, let's throw Jenna and Nadia together. Shake well, add Jon, Jimmy, a pinch of gunpowder and a splash of vengeance. Mix carefully over high heat, and stand back.

Here's the down and dirty on the new release, Critical Mass: